It is situated between Nicaragua and Panama and has coasts with more than 1200 kilometers in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Its populations is more than 4.000.000 inhabitants and it capital city, San José, is located in the center of the country at approximately 1100 meters of altitude. The Costa Ricans are extremely nice, polite and prepared people.


Though the official language is Spanish, most of the population in the tourist zones also speaks English.

Its economy is diversified in three main axes: the export of fruits, plants and vegetables like coffee, banana, pineapple or ornamental plants; the tourist sector which has a wide experience and path in sustainable tourism and ecotourism; the technology and services sector, producing 30% of Intel's microprocessors and offering numerous centers for telephonic assistance to multinational companies of technology, services and consumption.

The national currency is the Colón but American dollars and credit cards are accepted in practically all establishments.

The climate is hot all the year round with an average temperature of 25º Celsius. For your trip, do not forget to bring sunscreen, cap and sunglasses, swimsuit, a light jacket, a raincoat, sandals, walking shoes, mosquito repellent, and your camera. The time difference with Europe is 8 hours in summer and 7 hours in winter. The electrical output is 110 volts and 60 hz with an American type plug. No special vaccine is required to visit the country. For flights through the United States, it is necessary an electronic reading passport and to fill a form on the Internet.


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