The Sustainable Tourism is based on the development of the tourist activity while verifying that 3 axels remain coordinated:

  1. The appropriate use of our natural and cultural resources.
  2. The improvement of the quality of life of the local communities.
  3. The promotion of an economical success that contributes to other national development programs.

What does sustainable tourism contribute to the natural environment?

  1. Enjoying a well kept environment and to learn about natural and cultural richness to encourage its respect.
  2. Sharing with the local population a tourist activity that is healthy for the inhabitant and pleasant for the visitor.
  3. Benefitting of more diverse activities in unsaturated and uncrowded destinations, which do not require an excessive economic expense.

What does sustainable tourism contribute to the cultural heritage?


COCOLIMON is conscious about the importance respect for nature and the promotion of a fair trade has in the development of the tourist activities, which benefit the clients, the suppliers, and the local communities alike.

  • To protect nature, we are careful with the use of supplies, with waste management, and the reduction of harmful emissions. We follow the “3-R” principle: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle wastes. We also encourage the responsible use of energy and water, as well as using new technology that is environmentally friendly.
  • When selecting suppliers, with prioritize those who watch over the environment and the social development of the community. We ban bad practices and support those committed to sustainability policies.
  • In our relationship with clients, we promote spreading information and awareness to multiply the effect of the measures taken, and we encourage the respect for the natural and cultural diversity, so that others may continue with our efforts. Likewise, we value the satisfaction of each client to guarantee a service of quality developed in harmony with nature and the community.
  • To involve the local community, we support their products, habit and customs, contributing to their development. Also, we collaborate actively with specific projects of the most needed associations, emphasizing on children.

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Tips for being a SUSTAINABLE TRAVELER, in the wild areas:
If you see any of the current LAWS not being complied, please call 911

The Certificate of Touristic Sustainability (CST) is a program from the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) meant to adapt the concept of sustainability into something practical and necessary for the tourist competitiveness of Costa Rica, improving the usage of the natural and social resources and encourage the active participation of the local communities.

Agencies are certified according to the degree in which their operation comes closer to a model of sustainability. For this are evaluated:

  • Physical-biological Environment: The interactions between the agency and the natural surroundings.
  • Service Management: The quality criteria of the agency inspired on a sustainable development.
  • Informing the Client: The invitations from the agency to the client to participate in the sustainability.
  • Socioeconomic Environment: The identification and interaction of the agency with the communities.

COCOLIMON is currently preparing the certification process.